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प्रेम रतन धन पायो

Performance artist and director, working in partnership, if you like a movie directors always tried to create a new category. Temanani a pair Suraj barjatiya and Salman Khan. The pair began almost three decades ago. In 1989, the Main Pyar Kiya. Hum Kaun Hai ups and finally the 1999 film Hum Saath Saath Hain relationship is ripe. The 16-year-long break. However, Salman Suraj pair returned again. Suraj was released in November last 1 barjatiya directed and acted in the movie Love Sonam Salman Ratan payo treasure. The composition of this film paryalocana with us today.

The film was created under the banner of love rajasrira Ratan payo treasure. Suraj dead grandfather founded the production company barjatiyara barjatiya tarachand. Most of the film production company centered on family stories. He walked in the way of breaking the tradition of men barjatiyao Suraj. His previous films, all genres family. Ratan love treasure sinematio payo is no exception.

प्रेम रतन धन पायो 1

Ratan love treasure payo rajasri and Suraj most expensive movie film. Full package for the three-hour film made the audience Suraj. Entertainment, romansa, misunderstandings, action, emotions are all things film. Type in the film telling the story of the extraordinary.

Suraj, who watched their films before watching the movie before barjatiyara some questions might arise. And the key sinamati maintain the continuity of the previous films, or at a new love story will payora Ratan treasure. What is Suraj will succeed again with Salman? How will the popularity of the movie? What Ratan love to be able to make a new record?


Many might argue that what is reasonable in the current context of the family-centered film. Western movies who is accustomed to seeing the more important to them. But if the story is good and if you are happy with the presentation of the movie, the movie if you are able to enter into the story at the top of the argument does not apply. Ratan love treasure payo just a movie. He loves visitors, as well as the box-office success.

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Let’s come to the story of the movie. Success story can be seen in the movie Prince (Salman Khan) is preparing to debut his throne. But his younger brother (Mukesh natina blue) are conspiring against him. His eyes on the throne. Like the other hand, love to see the prince (Salman Khan) Princess Maithili crazy love. He arrived at the place. But then what?

What do you think you have covered the story? However, it is also a story of Simon’s idea has anakera and Sanjiv Kumar Prasad elabhi the 1969 movie starring the King aur rank. Mark was the sinematio Twin novel “The Prince and the paupara ‘adaptation. Anthony Hopes that the novel “The Prisoner of love are similarities with jendara Ratan payo cinematic riches story. But the screenplay of the movie, the story is different from all the presentations and twist it.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Suraj with one another sequence in the story of the movie is very well. Like his other films are films parabarika conflicts and misunderstandings. Manostattbika ties and conflict in families with sadyedera. His films have been added to the glittering costumes and lighting. All that has coincided with kahanira.

As the film is weak, needs a bit more thought than the music. The film seems to have been a little too long.

The film includes several songs that you’d like to. Burning with love Hai and Leela is one of today unase Milner. Finally, the title track of the film, the film has been given a more perfect.

Each film has a tremendous drsyadharanai. The cameraman showed his special skills. Sathikababei background music has been used in most cases. In view of the very low end of the action. The very sort of movie dialogue. Your heart will have some dialogue.

Suraj barjatiyara plays an important role in the film’s characters. Ratan love treasure payora case is no exception. If you do not see at the beginning of the movie, and Salman. Then you will just love. This is the most important character in the film. Two films starring Salman. A love of nature. That is the simple character. Yuvraj other victory. Love is the opposite, and strong as a character straight victory. Salman presents two extraordinary character. But in the end it totally depends on the movie, Salman. But others have their Breakthrough Performance.

Sonam Kapoor in one. His extraordinary film glamor. It is very important. Many of the questions raised about Sonam pair with Salman. But the couple had seen the silver screen may be changed.

Breakthrough of the Anupam Kher. Nitinao blue brutes showed remarkable acting skills. Arman Kohli returned to acting after a long time. And just as he has returned to his task. Sbara sculptor partnerships.

It can be said for the audience to love Salman Diwali gift payo Ratan treasure. Love starring Salman has earned the love from the fans. As well as being able to take quite some money in your pocket. After all, love is the treasure Ratan payo Family movies are full of entertainment.

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