Movie Reviews – 1: American Guerrilla in the philapaina


Seen the movie, one of my favorite liquor. If you forget to eat Nawa itihasanirbhara movies. Why not go forgotten to tell? These movies are so vivid and real, there is no way that you do not forget the other. There are many movies. But historical films appeal to me from the top. Within the context of the fight based on the movie as well as some outstanding movie “The Last Samurai”, “In the kagaoyai River,” “Saving Private Ryan”, “Troy”, “inagloriyasa Bastard”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “Brave harata”, “Downfall” My But if the reader does not priyajani match the desire to see the movie again and again and yet again. The movie is presented to you today about the war in the Pacific, Japan and the United States would not be wrong to say that the war in the mirror.
“American Guerrilla in the Philippines,” movie director Fritz Lang guerrilla war, the Philippines highlighted the tremendous potential of the rural environment is strong. * † actor with great acting actor Michael Powell Navy officer’s role in the Presley movie success has increased the presence of flowing. Note: in this film based on tight sensational second world war has been enhanced with the Central Powers cotton agrasi Japanese mentality, which is aware of the history of the human mind to introduce a violent nation. There is no resemblance to the present.

Philippine Sea coast, in 1942
Japanese bombers attacked the American torpedo to sink the ship. Chuck Palmer Navy officer jumped into the sea with his audacious position gives. They could not imagine that such a ship, the Japanese aircraft to be assaulted. The host continues to mourn, to see the ship sinking. Chuck and his team took shelter in the coastal village sibute. There are some Filipino guarantee their stay and food. Filipino island before the storm of the fair when he met with Colonel benasanera woman is seen with Jane Martínez. Jane at the front door if you want to meet with Colonel benasanera sastradhari prevents GI. Zen is one of the reasons the treatment of pregnant women is important to talk with the Colonel. Major Chuck dariye the left side of his hearing. The colonel wants to see her arguing with Jane was already standing in line. Colonel Chuck met the head of the colonel in command of the hearing ordered. It is said that the Japanese are fast to atmasamapana. Chuck adventurers do not respond to the proposal. He wants to travel 1800 km in Australia. Colonel acceptable under compulsion. Jane wants to talk to the Colonel at the end of the problems. Jane gets a chance to meet with the colonel.

American Guerrilla in the philapaina

Chuck and his men sail a boat down to the sea. Unless desperate to not catch an American officer. But the journey the boat capsized. Chuck Beach comes up with difficulty. Miguel, a boat builder at the shelter. Chuck remain healthy geriladala formed. The Japanese forces were preparing to fight. One is to pretend to Japanese. Chuck minimum number of troops to fight with the Japanese? What would such a hive aparupa contact with Jane? Chuck himself from what the Japanese are able to live, and what will happen to Jenny pampered widows? Jenny wants to be able to do to fulfill his dream?

If you want to find and remove them as soon as possible to see the half-hour-long movie. I hope everyone will take the itihasakheko.

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