After Sai Gangnam Style ‘Daddy’ story

Sai Daddy

One in 01 South Korean singer obscure his chanambara album release. Everyone assumed that even the artist himself, and released five albums over the years, some people hear the songs as well dharabadha. But the album ‘Gangnam Style’ is the name of a song and some people were not dharabadha. South Korea was not just in the audience. As the songs on the album, released in July, went out to the whole world. YouTube am I burst. For the first time in nearly two and a half billion people watched the video. South Korea, one of the obscure singer broke all previous records, “sai’s” Gangnam Style “fame came in the space of a month. And by the fame of the “Gangnam staila again after ‘Daddy’ to come up with a song called psi.

The song was released on YouTube on November 30. Sai just seven days after the release of the song can be seen in the more than two and a half million. Sai can be seen here in this song:

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