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Hard to find people who are not afraid of the world. But overcoming fears ahead of us on the front side wins. Why Nelson Mandela said, “The brave man is not he who is not afraid of anything, he is a brave man who conquered fear.”

The Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie, the first woman said, “There is nothing to fear in life. Only you will understand everything better. “

Fear not the end of American writer oyalda Emerson said. According to him, more than anything else in the world, more people are infected with fear. “

Moreover, the fear of the people. However, it is not just the fear in the general public. The colorful world of glittering lights, camera, action for those who are always busy because of the Hollywood stars. But the stars of each individual fear. Let’s know some of Hollywood stars because of fear.

Jennifer Aniston: The actress is afraid to fly on airplanes. Ayarophobiya called.

Jennifer aniston picture

Johnny Depp: he got a reputation ridiculous starring Hollywood actor. He was afraid of the Joker! Kaularophobiya called terms.

Johnny Depp Picture

Madonna: There brantophobiya the singer. She was shocked on hearing the thunder.

Madonna picture

Naomi Watts: Naomi Watts is afraid to look at the sea. The problem is simophobiya.


Justin timabaraleka: selacophobiyaya the singer suffers. The star was horrified to see sharks.

Justin Timabaraleka picture

Matt Damon: Matt daemon seen a lot of movies, maybe adventurous scene. But he was afraid of the actor. Called ophidiphobiya / snyakophobiya.

Matt Damon Picture

Emma Stone: injecting fear sumce actress. Terms belonephobiya / eikamophobiya.

Emma Stone Picture

Robert Pattinson: tuyailaita famous movie star horse was scared. Ekuinophobiya called.

robert pattinson picture

Eminem: owl was afraid of the US in the wrapper. The problem arnithophobiya his name.

Eminem Picture

Riyanna: the singer is afraid to look at marine animals. There thyalasophobiya her.

Rihanna Picture

Natalie Portman: Black Swan movie known cartoon character in fear of the Hollywood actress. He is suffering from kairophelanosophobiyaya.

natalie portman picture

Scarlett Johnson: Why does not the film more action scenes for fear of cockroaches look at the actress tilt.

Scarlett Johnson Picture

Britney spares: reptile species in fear of the singer. There harpetophobiya the singer.

Britney spares picture

Pamela Anderson: afraid to look myself in the mirror image of the model-actress. Eisopatrophobiya called.

Pamela Anderson Picture

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